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GBL Alliance webinar June 2020

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

GBL ALLIANCE is proud to announce the launch of its new complementary global webinar series for its members and selected guests.

Webinar #1 - Navigating Communications & Business Development in an Expanding Global Network

In this interactive webinar led by former lawyer and business development expert Alexia Colson-Duparchy, founder of Bright Brains Co., we will cover a range of accessible and

ready-to-implement communications and business development options as our international legal network keeps expanding at a fast pace.

All these communications and business development solutions also lend themselves to direct implementation on your firm level!

Date: 3rd June 4pm CET

Duration : 90 mins including Q&A

Format : Zoom webinar (members and selected guests: check your emails for login details)


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