About us

Opening the world for your business

Who we are

GBL Alliance is a “new breed” international legal network focused on the evolved needs of today’s global business players.


More than just a group of like-minded lawyers, our members are conscious of today’s client-driven environment. Combining agility and pragmatism, we focus on business needs first and work together with the constant aim to deliver high quality and cost-efficient cross-border legal solutions.


Our network includes carefully selected independent firms that have on the ground local expertise and extensive international experience. Our aim is to help member firms serve their clients' legal needs and business interests wherever they may develop around the globe. Member firms operate as separate entities, and are responsible for their own staff and work products.

GBL Board

GBL Alliance is incorporated as a French association and is run on a strictly non-profit basis with a fully transparent and flexible governance. We have put in place a lean infrastructure, with the sole aim to allow members to focus on what is essential: serving clients together globally.


Unlike many other networks, where the focus is on members, our approach focuses on clients. We have purposefully put in place a lean infrastructure that allows our members to sustain strong relationships and efficiently handle cross-border work together.


GBL Alliance’s approach aims to fill a gap in the landscape of global legal networks. With its primary focus on clients’ business goals, GBL Alliance combines agility and pragmatism, enabling clients to do business their way and get deals done.


Conscious that clients now more than ever, seek greater value and flexibility from their legal advisors, the members of GBL Alliance share the same approach which combines high quality and cost-competitive global legal services, and a delivery model in line with clients’ needs.