Who we are

We are a “new breed” international network of independent law firms. More than just a group of like-minded lawyers, we focus on your business needs first and work together with the constant aim to deliver high quality and cost-efficient legal solutions to satisfy today’s client-driven environment. We combine international legal reach with on-the-ground local knowledge and expertise in all relevant jurisdictions. We are certain that you as a client will benefit from our practical and straightforward approach to your cross-border legal needs.

Our jurisdictions

Our brand name is “Global Business Lawyers”. We are aware that your business takes you around the world. As your lawyers and business partners you can rely on us to support you anywhere your business takes you. That is why we have carefully selected network members with excellent local reputations who regularly pilot effective legal solutions in their respective jurisdictions. Our global coverage defines our international network of independent law firms and likewise ensures that your legal needs will be met in all corners of the business world.

Our business approach

Our motto is “Opening the World for your business”. Our international network of independent law firms will assist you in your cross-border projects and seamlessly implement pragmatic solutions to your legal challenges. We are not only your lawyers but we are also your business partners with only one goal: facilitate your business around the world by virtue of a blend of our global networking and our on-the-ground knowledge of the local environment. We make distant foreign jurisdictions feel like home and are thereby… “Opening the World for your business”.

Our events

Our events are business oriented and structured to facilitate interaction between the individual members of our international network of independent law firms. Our events strengthen the consistency of the high quality legal services we provide to our business clients by promoting the exchange of valuable legal know how. Our events also serve as a communication platform to keep all members abreast of the ever changing legal requirements of the global business community. Our events are meant to influence how we differentiate and define ourselves in our “new school” approach to legal networking and ultimately how we can best serve clients globally.