WMM, Wullschleger Martinenghi Manzini Group’s history began in Lugano in 1972, when a team of well established professionals formed a tax and fiscal, corporate, financial and real estate and property consulting company.
The organic growth we have been experiencing since then has always been managed together with and thanks to our clients.
Today, we manage our business thanks to and through a team of 45 + specialists who work in 3 firms controlled by one group holding.
We are based in Lugano, from where we operate all over the world.
We never forget where we come from and how we got here; consequently, we have developed an optimally balanced time perspective.

Nicola Wullschleger & Stefano Delcò


Via alla Campagna 2a
6904 Lugano
T +41 (0) 91 973 38 00
F +41 (0) 91 972 29 83

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