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Wiewiórski Legal was established in 2004 as a one-stop shop, providing comprehensive legal advisory services to foreign and domestic enterprises.

Over the last decade, Wiewiórski’s lawyers have built a firm delivering advisory services to the largest enterprises in Poland, as well as dozens of smaller companies. In particular, the firm provides legal services to companies undertaking large-scale investment projects in both the industrial and modern business service sectors, helping them structure their investments and manage legal risk. The firm’s support for clients begins at the investment stage and continues with legal assistance in their day-to-day operations.

The quality of the firm’s services is attested to by its presence in international rankings, as well as by its client base which includes Fortune 500 companies, many of whom have placed their trust in the firm for years.

Marek Maciej Wiewiórski

Wiewiórski Legal Wrocław:
Świętego Mikołaja 81, 50-126 Wrocław, Poland
T +48 71 77 63 630
F +48 71 77 63 631

Wiewiorski Legal Warsaw:
Piekna 24/26A, 00-549 Warsaw, Poland
T +48 22 21 99 630
F +48 71 77 63 631

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