About us

Go lean. Go GBL.

GBL, a modern network of independent law firms maneuvering ahead of static traditional legal practices and networks. This is the new reality.

The question: as a business with cross-border legal interests, should you mandate one of the large international law firms? You could, if you have the means for their exorbitant hourly fees, and if that firm has offices in the relevant jurisdictions.

Or, like for most businesses, if cost is a concern to you, the wise decision would be to choose a legal network of independent law firms to cover both your own jurisdiction, and the jurisdiction abroad where you have legal interests.

Why? Because networks of independent law firms such as ours, ingeniously combine international legal reach with local knowledge in all relevant jurisdictions and are far more cost-competitive than big international firms.

Although the cost advantage is striking, you should ask yourself, “How do I pick the right legal network of independent law firms?”

The answer lies in finding the network of independent law firms where you can express your maximum potential. This is where GBL makes a difference.

Today, legal networks are either “old-school” or “tailored” and generally far more focused on their own members than their actual clients. Although old-school networks have often rendered services to their clients for decades, they are also weighed down by tradition and are slower to address business changes. For example, their regular bi-annual meetings exude social fluff and culminate in traditional gala dinners. From a culinary standpoint this may be appealing, but from a business standpoint co-sponsoring and financing social events that have little to do with clients’ particular interests is inefficient. (You can study this inefficient use of resources from social event photos at firms’ websites).

Our network of independent law firms caters solely to your business needs and concentrates on putting legal power at your fingertips. It pivots and advances with more dexterity while allowing you to do your business your way.

We make deals happen.

GBL is today and tomorrow. With our leading legal experts on your side, you are prepared to cross borders.