GBL Alliance expands further with the addition of five new member firms

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GBL Alliance is pleased to announce the addition of five new member firms and the expansion of the network’s coverage to six new jurisdictions – Brazil, Ghana, India, Senegal and the United Kingdom and Wales. The new member firms include:

Brazil – GT Lawyers
Ghana – Hayfron-Benjamin Addo & Barry
India – Titus & Co.
Senegal – LPS L@w
United Kingdom and Wales – Capital Law

This growth marks GBL Alliance’s first step in Asia and South America, and is expected to give the network the momentum needed to further expand on both continents. It also affirms the network’s unique strength on the African continent where it now has 7 member firms in total (Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Senegal and South Africa) and a substantial footprint in the West Africa OHADA law zone. The addition of the U.K. and Wales is also a significant development for network’s global reach and for its visibility in the international corporate finance market.

Launched in January 2017, GBL Alliance has rapidly grown and now includes over 900 lawyers in 26 member firms and two best friend firms, covering 51 jurisdictions in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, United States, Asia and South America. With its distinct market position of a network focused on added value, transparency and client service adapted to today’s needs, GBL Alliance is on track to continue its growth in 2019-2020 under the impetus of the network’s new President and Vice-President.

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GBL Alliance announces new member firm in the United States

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Global Business Lawyers (“GBL”) Alliance further extends its global footprint with the addition of Berliner Corcoran & Rowe LLP as member firm in the United States and first member on the North American continent. GBL Alliance has more than doubled since it launched in January 2017 and now includes 21 member firms and two “best friend” firms, representing 45 jurisdictions.

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