Business together

Assisting a French company in Bulgaria


Vaughan Avocats and Borissov & Partners assisted a French client (a French company involved in the business of breeding sturgeons dedicated to production and sale of caviar) in structuring an asset deal in Bulgaria. They advised both on Bulgarian and international tax aspects of the deal including permanent establishment and VAT issues in the aim at avoiding tax pitfalls.

  • Vaughan Avocats
  • Borissov & Partners

Assisting in a cross-border inheritance matter


An international family with family members in the USA, France and Germany needed legal assistance in an inheritance matter with regard to legal and tax issues deriving from a succession whose estate included real estate and movable assets located in France and the USA. The family asked UP12, GBL member, to coordinate the work with Vaughan Avocats, GBL member, to advise the heirs. Main difficulties derived from the existence of a second marriage, a will and its application in a multi-jurisdictional legal environment. Both GBL firms contributed to provide the clients with a comprehensive legal solution to minimize the family’s tax exposure.

  • UP12
  • Vaughan Avocats

Assisting a French group in Slovakia


A French Industrial Group ( 35.000 people worldwide 5 billion of turn over) needed legal assistance to close down its plant in Slovakia. They asked VAUGHAN AVOCATS, GBL member, to coordinate the work with GBL best friend PRK PARTNERS in this complex project which lasts more than one year and half.

This project has major impact in France where the European work council is located and of course in Slovakia in different legal aspects (employment, corporate, IP, IT tax etc). Besides PRK acted also as liquidators of the subsidiary in order to respect the schedule of the client.

The client was very pleased with the way GBL firms handled the project in a very efficient and seamless way. VAUGHAN was coordinating also the billing making life easier for the client with only one invoice per billing.

  • Vaughan Avocats
  • PRK Partners